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It’s never easy to talk about yourself, at least not to strangers and while being sober. Since this page is primarily about traveling, I will start by introducing our traveler’s side.

I made my first long trip when I was 7. It was with my parents to Bashkiria, now called Bashkortostan. Our relatives lived there and we went to their village. Some of my relatives still live there, but the parents have already gone and the contact has broken with the younger generation. I’m not sure if that trip is where my interest in traveling started, but I still remember it in detail. Later, the journeys have led me to many different parts of the world. I’ve used different methods to get to new places. I’ve gone exploring by bicycle, by car, on foot, by train. In recent years, I’ve gotten into traveling by motorcycle and it seems that I will continue on that route for years to come. Hopefully this site will give you a little overview of my past trips in some unknown time in the future.

I have been involved with motorcycles since very early childhood. I was about then when I but together my first moped. My father had an old wreck standing by the wall and since he had not used it for many years I decided to take it apart. I managed to get the necessary parts from the guys around the neighborhood and had the moped almost together when my father came and helped me with the electrical stuff. We still didn’t manage to get the thing started so we had to roll the moped to the other side of the town to Muru Mati, who could fix all kinds of two-stroke Russian machines.

Anyway, from there my rides got more and more powerful. The last wheels were Iz Jupiter 3 and Iz Jupiter 4. When I started my studies at the Maritime Academy my dealings with motorcycles were put on hold.  It all started again in 2007 when I finally had my motorcycle license and bought my first used western motorcycle.

I met my wife in the summer of 2015 when we both were on a trip. She had just graduated from the university and was traveling along Europe with some friends. I had just started another trip to Ukraine. Some part of the trip continued with us on my motorcycle driving along the Balkan Mountains. A few months later, my future wife went to her home on the other side of Cheliabinsk to get her personal belongings and from there all our explorations have gone hand in hand. The biggest challenge so far has been last years mototrip for Iran, which, along with a trip to Russia and the Caucasus, turned out to be a 23,000-km-long adventure.

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  1. Enok it’s such amazing feeling knowing that our paths crossed in such a special way when we very briefly exchanged few words as we bumped onto each other while both sides are tired from the long drive on different routes, after few explanations on your two cold beers we promised to take you through your earlier lost directions towards Illeret the same zone where our construction camp was pitched. The rest are history for another day but I hereby acknowledge that you are full of zeal, hope and aspirations to many across the world for those who may have not gotten an opportunity to meet to share you history physically but maybe see your write ups to get encouraged to try those tough legs as you did.

    Keep it up zealous man who dared to face more than half of the World with one broad message of hope “CAPE TO HOME”.

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