Another overview of technical stuff

Firstly, the brake fluid started to boil in the mountains. I have had that happening before but not with this bike. I changed the liquid before the trip and still it somehow overheated too quickly. After descending for only about 100 m and before the harder part even begun. There is little need for the rear break in general. I hardly ever use it on the highways, it slightly balances things on gravel and sometimes I need it while maneuvering in the city. One of the reasons for overheating was fully-loaded bike. But on the other hand, loads at high speeds are sometimes even bigger …

DOT-4 was easy to find. The second place we went to the day after reaching asphalt had it. All it took was to add some oil and air it out. Fortunately, the cuffs of the pump are all intact and there’s no sign of leakage. I exchanged the pads to be on the safe side even though they are still in good condition. Kept the old ones as a spare.

About 200 km before Lusaka, after taking a small break, the engine kept acting up. Playing with accelerator made it possible to get the speed up, but it was hard work. There was a road repair on a long strip of road when entering Lusaka from the north. Dusty roads, deadlocks and with a protesting engine – the ride was almost as hard as the one in the mountains a couple of days ago. The engine had sounded weirdly a couple of times before that, the neutral has gone missing and the bike has tied. At first I thought that fuel was the problem but it turned out to be the filters.

So I took on the task of changing the filters:

I managed to bend to get the crashbars back into decent shape using the help of some stairs, not as complicated as it had seemed at the beginning.

The front tire has gotten quite a few punctures or nails or something like that. The rear one has had nothing at all. It’s usually the other way around.

The front left brake disc has started to clatter That makes me a little anxious. I haven’t been able to come up with a good solution so far. Trying to go over the rivets in the next couple of days, maybe it will work.

Besides the problems mentioned, everything else overall works. Oh, I side bag was slightly damaged during a fall in the mountains. Fortunately the bag itself is fine but it has a flap on the side which now has a hole in it. And I no longer have any air filter oil.

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