VihulaMoto has taken on another challenge and is currently exploring Africa. Our horse arrived at the beginning of the summer in a container to South Africa, waited until we got ready and flew here and now we move along the Black Continent together. We have no detailed plans. It’s terribly cold in the south so we have headed north to Namibia. They say it’s also chilly there, at least at nights. A weather, similar to a beautiful Estonian summer, is expected during the day. But the main thing is that at least it should be dry in Namibia. Where to next? Not sure. Maybe Botswana …

This page gives an overview of our adventures. The Internet is as it is. Sometimes we may get access through our phones at a roadside buffet. Sometimes we get to post while laying in a soft bed having cheese and wine. Spelling mistakes happen, I do apologize. We fix things as they come to our notice. The most recent posts are always in Estonian but the translations to other languages take some more time. The posts in our Russian pages are always late coming. The ones in English appear pretty quickly thanks to the help of a nice person. They are sometimes ready even before I’ve posted the original text 🙂 . Feel free to comment and give feedback. This way we’ll know that all this writing is worth attempting.

When you look at the map on the side of every page then you’ll some sections are in red. These are the routes we’ve enjoyed the most. Unfortunately our technology doesn’t allow us to mark the interesting parts more precisely and you can currently see the whole day’s travel. If you read our post you will understand what parts are the most enjoyable.

Thank you for reading and following our adventures!

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We carry out loading work with Kramer 480 forklifts.

We offer excavating services with a Hyundai robex 60cr mini excavator.